Lab Protocols



Acrylamide Gels

Agarose Gels

Alfalfa Vegetative Propagation and Growth

Arabidopsis Growth and Genetic Transformation

b-Galactosidase Assays

Bradford Assays

CaCl2 Transformation of E. coli

Competent Cell Preparation (CaCl2)

Competent Cell Preparation (Electrocompetent)

Dialysis Tubing Preparation

DNA Isolation (Plant Genomic DNA)

Electro Transformation of E. coli

Formamide Deionization

Fusion Protein Production (GST & HIS Tagged Proteins)

Genomic (Plant) DNA Restriction Digestion & Southern Hybridization

Bacteriophage l Genomic DNA Library (construction through subcloning inserts)

Glycerol Stock Preparation and Maintenance

GUS Assays

GUS Histochemical Staining

Helper Phage Production

In Vitro Site Directed Mutagenesis

In Vivo Excision of Plasmid DNA from Bacteriophage λ

Laemmli Gels

Medicago truncatula Seed Extraction, Germination and Vernalization

Nucleotide Preparation

Oligonucleotide Labeling

Phenol Extraction and Ethanol Precipitation of DNA

Phenol Preparation (Buffering)

Pipette (Glass) Washing Procedure

Plasmid DNA Preparation (CsCl2)

Plasmid DNA MiniPreps

Protein Electroblotting

Protein Isolation

Restriction Digests

Rice Growth

RNA Isolation for cDNA Library Construction

RNA Gels

RNA Hybridization

Sephadex Column Preparation

High Throughput DNA Sequencing: Bacterial Culture Preparation

Shotgun Library Construction (A multi-step procedure that includes vector preparation)

Taq Polymerase Synthesis

Tomato Seed Harvesting and Cleaning

Tricine Gels

Yeast One Hybrid Screening (See Complete Course Manual)

Yeast Transformation